Cold storage of AJ Total Vietnam Company Limited – Pho Noi Branch (Hung Yen)

With the mission of connecting training facilities with businesses to improve the quality of human resource training, shortening the gap between human resource training and the practice of logistics and supply chain management, on the afternoon of February 11 /2023, Vietnam Logistics Manpower Development Association (VALOMA) organized a field trip to Hung Yen province and specifically the cold storage of AJ Total Vietnam Co., Ltd. at Pho Noi A Industrial Park, Van Lam district, Hung Yen province.

The field visit delegation was led by Associate Professor Dr. Trinh Thi Thu Huong, Vice President of VALOMA, along with experts, lecturers from training institutions, and representatives of businesses operating in the field of logistics that are members of the Association. VALOMA Association and representatives of Vietnam Logistics Club Network. In addition, there were representatives of several media agencies participating in this trip.

Working with the VALOMA Association delegation, on behalf of AJ Total Vietnam Company Limited – Pho Noi Branch, there was Ms. Nguyen Hong Linh Chi, representative of the Sales Department in charge of exchanging and leading the delegation on this field trip.

The AJ Total Vietnam Company Limited is a part of AJ Group, headquartered in Korea, specializing in providing cold storage services, cold transportation, distribution centers, etc. Currently, the company has 3 Branches include a branch in Long Hau Industrial Park (Long An province) with a capacity of up to 31,000 pallets put into operation in July 2021, a second branch in Pho Noi A Industrial Park (Hung Yen province) with a capacity of up to Up to 23,000 pallets will be put into operation in May 2022 and it is expected to continue building a third branch in Dong Nai.

Representatives of the VALOMA Association took a souvenir photo with representatives of AJ Total Vietnam Company Limited – Pho Noi Branch

During the actual visit, the group observed and listened to the technology, warehouse management process and orientation of AJ Total company. Cold storage at Pho Noi Branch of AJ company with a total area of nearly 18,000 m2 is located in a strategic location in Pho Noi A industrial park and along National Highway 5 connecting Hai Phong – Hai Duong – Hung Yen – Hanoi. In the AJ Total company’s warehouse in Hung Yen, there are two types of warehouses including traditional cold storage equipped with high-rise racking systems, operated by workers and forklifts with a capacity of 3,000 pallets. and automatic cold storage installed with high-rise racking system and operated by robots with a capacity of 18,000 pallets. In addition, with the ability to control temperatures down to -40oC, the warehouse is always ready to provide storage services to customers in many different forms from freezing tunnels (about -40oC), to storage of goods. refrigeration (temperature -25oC to -18oC), cool storage (temperature 0oC to 3oC), dry storage (temperature 20oC to 25oC), … In addition, with a flexible and modern management software system Modern equipment and cold storage of AJ Total company always demonstrate high performance, prestige and position in the eyes of customers.

The delegation of Vietnam Logistics Human Resources Development Association (VALOMA) visited the Company Limited AJ Total Vietnam – Pho Noi Branch

The tour ended with many interesting feelings from the group members, especially representatives of businesses, lecturers and students. Many stories and real-life situations shared by representatives of AJ Total Vietnam Co., Ltd. – Pho Noi Branch are valuable practical knowledge that creates experience for businesses in the logistics industry. At the same time, it equips lecturers to make lessons more intuitive, lively and practical.

Translated by: Minh Ngoc – Dieu Linh


Communications Department, VALOMA Association

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