Speech by Mr. Tran Thanh Hai, Honorary Chairman of VALOMA

On the afternoon of October 5, 2023, the Working Group of the Vietnam Logistics Manpower Development Association (VALOMA) led by Mr. Tran Thanh Hai, Honorary Chairman of the Association, organized a field visit at the Company. Bong Sen joint venture (Lotus Port). Joining the delegation was Dr. Ha Minh Hieu, Deputy Head of VALOMA Communications Department and many business representatives; lecturers; students from universities and colleges.

On the side of Bong Sen Joint Venture Company, there was the presence of Mr. Bui Cong Hoan, Sales Director; Mr. Tran Quoc Tuan, Director of Operations and leaders of departments.

Bong Sen Joint Venture Company (Lotus Port) was established in 1991 between Vietrans (Ministry of Foreign Trade), Vosa (Ministry of Transport), Black Sea Shipping Line (Blasco – Ukraine) and SSA (USA), as a joint venture. The first in the field of international seaport exploitation in Vietnam. Through many years of operation, the Lotus Port brand has been known by many countries in the region and the world as a leading effective seaport in Vietnam. Lotus Port has a very convenient location, being the front port of Ho Chi Minh City facing the East Sea. The port is located downstream of Phu My bridge, where the water level is deep and the river is wide without static restrictions, so ships can easily enter and exit the port, and receiving ships in and out to handle cargo is very convenient.

With the Phu My Bridge put into operation, the port’s rear traffic is directly connected to the city ring road, connecting the Eastern and Western provinces, saving a lot of costs for transporting goods by road. set for import and export goods owners. With a total length of 300m including 2 piers K17 + K18 designed to receive ships with a tonnage of over 50,000 DWT with reduced load, water displacement ≤ 46,000T with technical specifications L = 215m, B = 30.9m, H =55m, T ≤ 11m. 100m barge loading dock. With a total warehouse area of ​​150,000 m2, arranged to meet the needs of export and storage of goods, the bonded warehouse has 24/7 surveillance cameras, and the lighting system in the warehouse is always maintained. regular maintenance.

During the visit, the VALOMA delegation shared the achievements and difficulties of Lotus Port, including expectations of cooperation with VALOMA on human resource development in the field of logistics. VALOMA representative Mr. Tran Thanh Hai also expressed his joy and pride in the achievements of Lotus port and hoped that in the near future, many businesses that are VALOMA members will accompany logistics services. of Lotus Harbor.

Absorbing VALOMA’s orientations, Mr. Bui Cong Hoan, Sales Director, thanked VALOMA for creating conditions for Lotus Port to join VALOMA’s logistics and supply chain ecosystem, and committed to coordinating with the Boards of VALOMA to promote the construction of comprehensive cooperation programs.

At the end of the visit and working at Lotus Port, the group was guided to visit the actual wharf system, warehouses, yards and take souvenir photos.

Below are some souvenir photos at the working session between VALOMA and Lotus port.

VALOMA delegation took souvenir photos with Lotus Port

VALOMA delegation took a field visit at the wharf