Vietnam Association for Logistics Manpower Development (VALOMA) was established by the Ministry of Home Affairs under Decision No. 568/QD-BNV on April 30th, 2021, with the mission of becoming a hub to disseminate modern knowledge, rich experience, and advanced technology in human resource development for the logistics and supply chain management (LSCM) industry more quickly, broadly, and effectively. The association serves as a bridge not only between universities, lecturers, and students but also focuses on connecting universities, lecturers, students, and businesses nationwide.

In pursuit of that mission, the VALOMA CONFEST event series were launched, consisting of activities focusing on logistics and supply chain management. From November 2nd to November 23rd, 2021, Vietnam Association for Logistics Manpower Development successfully organized the first VALOMA CONFEST 2021, an annual series of seminars and festivals, with content and format,  achieving its set objectives and attracting the attention, support, and participation of numerous delegates nationwide. Specifically, the seminar “Start-up with Logistics” had over 350 delegates participating via Zoom and more than 4,000 views on the VALOMA fanpage. The seminar on “Sustainable Supply Chain Development for E-commerce in Vietnam after the COVID-19 pandemic: Opportunities and Challenges” attracted an average of 2,500 online followers on the VALOMA fanpage during the livestream. The talk show on “Practical Training with the COE Model” attracted 1,900 online followers on the VALOMA fanpage during the livestream. The annual workshop on Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Vietnam featured 02 main presentations and 28 presentations in 06 parallel sessions, attracting nearly 400 delegates for both in-person and online participation via Zoom.

Building on the success of VALOMA CONFEST 2021, the Vietnam Association for Logistics Manpower Development (VALOMA) continues to organize VALOMA CONFEST 2022 with a series of activities throughout October 2022. This event series will be conducted both in-person and online nationwide to introduce and promote the image of the association to organizations, businesses, educational institutions, students, and the interested public. It aims to facilitate academic and practical exchanges on the most up-to-date issues in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSCM) while establishing additional channels for consulting with government authorities in shaping policies that support the development of the logistics industry in Vietnam. VALOMA CONFEST 2022 will feature the following specific events:

Firstly, the seminar “Updating Digital Development Trends in LSCM – Training & Practice” will be organized alongside the opening ceremony of VALOMA CONFEST on October 8, 2022, aiming to promote the application of Industry 4.0 technologies in practical training. This event also serves as a platform to connect and unite members from various fields within the association.

Secondly, immediately following the opening day, the first-ever job fair dedicated to the LSCM industry will be conducted online for three consecutive months, with an offline event scheduled on October 9, 2022, in Ho Chi Minh City. The purpose is to provide opportunities for logistics students to explore job prospects in this industry and for businesses to recruit suitable and high-quality human resources.

Thirdly, the second annual national Conference on Logistics and Supply Chain Management (CLSCM) with the theme “Sustainable Solutions for Vietnam’s Logistics and Supply Chain Development” is expected to take place on October 14, 2022, in Da Nang City. The goal of VALOMA CONFEST 2022 is to gradually elevate CLSCM into a reputable and in-depth national conference that encompasses academic research, practical applications, and policy implications.

The fourth activity of VALOMA CONFEST 2022 is Vietnam Young Logistics Talents 2022 with the semi-final round scheduled to take place in the third week of October. In its fifth year, the competition will see the participation of over 2,000 contestants from more than 60 universities and colleges. The program includes the “VNYLT Gala – 5 years of the journey” along with various sideline activities to foster connections between students and businesses.

The seminar “Which direction for Human Resource Development in the LSCM Industry?” will be officially held on October 22, 2022, with the aim of bridging the gap between training and the demand for human resources in logistics and supply chain management, seeking to find common ground between businesses and educational institutions. During the seminar, experts, academic institutions, and businesses will share their perspectives on human resources in the LSCM field.

Finally, to conclude the activities of VALOMA CONFEST 2022, there will be the “VALOMA Cultural Performance Finale” with the theme “Echoes of VALOMA’s Melody.” The cultural performance is organized to create a vibrant platform for the event series and foster a spirit of unity, cohesion, and exchange of knowledge among individuals and organizations within the association.

In conclusion, VALOMA CONFEST 2022 not only covers a diverse range of activities, from orientation, business, technology, to LSCM training, but also expands its scope to foster strong connections among participants, creating sustainable solidarity among VALOMA members. Undoubtedly, VALOMA CONFEST 2022 will spread the values of the Vietnam Association for Logistics Manpower Development to its members, including leading universities, colleges, and educational institutions nationwide, exemplary businesses, and the Vietnamese Logistics community. Moreover, it will establish a foundation and serve as an important stepping stone for LSCM enthusiasts across the country to find their direction and personal development.

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Translated by: Dieu Linh – Nguyen Phuong Anh