Vietnam Association for Logistics Manpower Development Supported Member Units In High Quality Human Training, Meeting The Demand Of Integrating

Vietnam Association for Logistics Manpower Development Supported Member Units In High Quality Human Training, Meeting The Demand Of Integrating


In recent years, the logistics industry has been evaluated as a field with great potential for development, especially in the context of the pandemic. Logistics is a major that receives high social attention. This interest is reflected in the skyrocketing number of enrollments in universities and colleges of this industry and the benchmarks also rise to the top of the subjects at some schools. This clearly reflects the society’s need for human resources in this field.


Is training human resources in the field of logistics enough to meet social needs?


Along with the process of deep integration with the regional and world economy, logistics and supply chain management activities have increased strongly in recent years with a growth rate of over 10% per year. The demand for human resources in this field is very large, however, businesses still face many difficulties in recruiting logistics employees because human resources in this field are still not enough to meet the needs, especially well-trained and professional ones. Most training institutions still follow the traditional style, heavy on theory, not paying much attention to vocational skills training.


Vietnam Association for Logistics Manpower Development promotes the support of training institutions in training high-quality human resources to meet social needs.


VALOMA is the gathering place of leading experts in the field of logistics in Vietnam. Carrying out its mission is to provide individuals and businesses with comprehensive solutions in training and human resource development in Logistics and supply chain management, contributing to the development of the economy. in general and the logistics industry in particular. Recently, the Vietnam Association for Logistics Manpower Development (VALOMA) cooperated with Dai Nam University to organize a Seminar: “Sharing experiences and methods of organizing training activities associated with practical experience in logistics and supply chain management, international business” with the aim to support training institutions to overcome difficulties in organization, to train high-quality human resources, to meet social needs, to serve development of the country.


Participating in the seminar were Mr. Tran Thanh Hai, Deputy Director of the Agency of Foreign Trade, Honorary President of VALOMA; Representatives of Universities with Logistics training; Representatives of enterprises in the field of Logistics.


Speaking at the seminar, Mr. Tran Thanh Hai, Deputy Director of the Agency of Foreign Trade, Honorary President of VALOMA emphasized: “The current logistics industry tends to develop rapidly. According to preliminary statistics, there are currently 49 universities offering logistics training at various levels. This reflects the social needs in terms of resources, the needs of businesses that require both quantity and quality to be met. This creates favorable conditions for training institutions to develop this industry.”


On the training side, Dr. Le Thi My Ngoc, Dean of the Faculty of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Dai Nam University shared about the training orientation of Logistics and Supply Chain Management in the direction of experience. She said that the school plans to teach theory combined with practical experience. Thereby, students will have the opportunity to experience in enterprises through internships. However, in the process of implementing the experiential training program, the University encountered many difficulties and recommended VALOMA to create an ecosystem to connect businesses and the University to optimize the process of using resources and costs in training. Connecting schools with training in Logistics and Supply Chain Management can combine and support each other in training to provide quality human resources in the field of Logistics to serve the development needs of the country.


Also according to Dr. Le Thi My Ngoc, the formed VALOMA ecosystem will have great significance for training institutions, businesses in the field of logistics as well as for learners. With training institutions: Help training institutions supplement training modules in line with the reality of employers; For businesses: Support enterprises in recruiting suitable personnel; For learners, the biggest beneficiaries: Students will have practical experience right from the time they are still in school, and have many job opportunities when they graduate.


According to the VALOMA member needs survey conducted by the Training Board in December 2021, the difficulties of Dai Nam University in particular and of VALOMA member universities in general are the need to improve training and practice capacity and practical solutions. Mr. Tran Chi Dung, Head of the VALOMA Training Department, proposed the VALOMA-COE (Center of Excellence) training model, applying new methods such as: PBL (Problem-Based Learning – Learning on the basis of problem solving; CBL (Competency-Based Learning – Training and certification according to performance); CDIO (Conceive-Design-Implement-Operate – Recognize-design-implement-operate). training institutions in practical activities by sharing resources and facilities, making the most of the resources of member units with the lowest cost and most effective. VALOMA pushes the process of forming working skills at all levels of training (intermediate, college, university), sharing experiences in building training programs for Logistics training institutions. Besides that, VALOMA also supports training institutions to implement practical programs through connecting schools with logistics enterprises, supporting training institutions to organize business tours, logistics centers, seaports, etc.


During the seminar, there were also many shares from training institutions that have experience in logistics training such as Foreign Trade University, University of Commerce, Thang Long University, Academy of Finance… and logistics enterprises such as: Viettel Post, Atalink, Cargo wise, Gatelink, Vinafco, Vinacontrol, Kargo365, KTO, ASG Group…


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Trinh Thi Thu Huong, Deputy Director of School of Economics and International Business, Foreign Trade University, Vice President of VALOMA commented: “In two years, the pandemic has shown the immensely important role of the logistics industry to the economy. When the logistics industry develops, we will save costs, attract foreign investment, and enhance competition between countries. Meanwhile, the field of international logistics and Vietnam’s foreign trade also have a close relationship with each other. “When Vietnam has a good logistics service industry, we will support businesses in the field of foreign trade and investment abroad. If the transportation service industry develops, we will have great opportunities for economic development, “said Ms. Huong.

Sharing the same opinion, Ms. Cao Cam Linh, Strategy Director, Viettel Post Corporation (Viettel Post), Head of the VALOMA Research Department shared: “We look forward to graduating students and students from potential majors in logistics and supply chain management who are equipped with the required knowledge related to simulation modeling techniques, supply chain analysis, warehouse and distribution channels”.


She further suggested: “For a private university like Dai Nam, let’s go from the goal of the school’s leadership, design curricula that are “real combat” so that graduates can “sweep” businesses in the target area. From there, VALOMA can help the school build lessons to serve the output of the business group that the school is aiming for.”


Le Dac Son, Chairman of the University Council, expressed his deep gratitude to the VALOMA and representatives of Universities and Logistics enterprises for supporting Dai Nam University in removing difficulties in the process of implementing training programs in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.  In the coming time, Dai Nam University will accompany the VALOMA in investing in facilities, carrying out the mission of developing high-quality human resources in the field of logistics for the development of the country.


Translator: Nguyen Phuong Anh – Dieu Linh