Supply Chain Management Consulting Service

LOGISTICS is a part of supply chain management, including planning, implementing, and controlling the effective transportation and storage of goods, services and related information from the place of origin to the place of consumption to meet customer needs.

Logistics management is an integrated function that combines and optimizes all logistics activities as well as coordinates logistics activities with other functions such as marketing, business, finance and information technology.

SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT includes planning and management of all activities related to sourcing, purchasing, manufacturing and all logistics management activities.

At a critical level, supply chain management includes the coordination and collaboration of partners on the same channel such as suppliers, intermediaries, service providers, and customers. Fundamentally, supply chain management will integrate demand-supply management issues within and between companies.

Supply chain management is an integrated function whose primary role is to connect business functions in key business processes within the company and among companies into a highly effective and connective business model. Supply chain management includes all of the listed logistics management activities as well as manufacturing activities and promotes coordination of processes and activities of marketing, business, product design, finance, and information technology.


  • Reduced risks in the supply chain
  • Improved supply chain strategies
  • Optimization of logistics and activity network
  • Better demand-supply management
  • Reduced purchasing costs
  • Better warehouse and transportation management
  • Tax payment policy optimization
  • More streamlined and efficient processes
  • Improved throughput and reduced unnecessary squandering
  • Increased output quality
  • Increased satisfaction of internal and external customers
  • Increased flexibility in business


  • Other services according to specific client requirements
  • 3PL service strategy consulting
  • Completing distribution processes
  • Managing and optimizing transportation activities
  • Completing warehouse processes
  • Designing and optimizing warehouse
  • Demand and supply planning
  • Logistics service planning
  • Logistics market survey
  • Rental services, cargo and warehouse operation management
  • Freight transportation services
  • Customs declaration services

Translated by Pham Phuong Anh – Nguyen Phuong Anh