The meeting between VALOMA and the College of Foreign Economic Relations.

On the afternoon of June 14th, 2023, the Vietnam Association for Logistics Manpower Development (VALOMA) visited and worked with the College of Foreign Economic Relations (COFER). The working delegation was led by Assoc. Prof, Dr. Ho Thi Thu Hoa – Vice President of VALOMA and some unit leaders, and members of the association. Mr. Tran Thanh Hai – Deputy Director of the Import and Export Department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Honorary Chairman of VALOMA also attended the meeting.

On the side of the College of Foreign Economic Relations, receiving the delegation was Assoc. Prof., Dr. Nguyen Duc Minh – Principal, Dr. Le Ngoc Trung – Chairman of the University Council and Vice Principal, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Van Tai – Dean of the Faculty of International Commerce with leaders of the Department of Management Training and Scientific Research, leaders and lecturers of the Faculty of International Commerce – training unit in the Import and Export Business and Logistics field.

At the meeting, Assoc. Prof, Dr. Nguyen Duc Minh – Principal of the College of Foreign Economic Relations reported to the delegation about some outstanding activities in logistics training over the past time.

The Logistics Major enrolled its first pioneer cohort in 2016. After 08 years of training, the Logistics Major has become one of the key training disciplines of the university, attracting hundreds of students each year. With the rate of graduates finding jobs after 3 months of graduation reaching over 90%, the Logistics Major has contributed to helping the university become the only college in the group of 8 leading universities and colleges training the economics sector in the region, thus always receiving the trust and preference of parents.

To achieve the above results, the university’s leaders and lecturers have boldly innovated their training methods towards integrating international certificates and enhancing professional practice skills. In particular, through the cooperation program with the Vietnam Logistics Research and Development Institute (VLI), the university has integrated teaching the FIATA certificate – “FIATA Diploma in International Freight Management” of the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association in the training program. Graduating students, in addition to receiving a Bachelor’s Degree from COFER, will receive an additional FIATA certificate that is valid in more than 150 member countries, providing students with more job opportunities.

The university has built a simulation website of the shipping company for students to practice transportation operations at The website is highly regarded by the Aus4skills Program (an Australian Program working with Vietnam for Human Resource Development) to have the potential to be transferred to other training units across the country. In addition, in 2023, the university has implemented the construction of on-site practical warehouses, applying the port and warehouse visit technology on the basis of virtual reality technology, helping students to approach the reality of the enterprises more closely.

On the other hand, in the face of social demand, the university is developing an e-procurement training program to serve specialized human resources supply in logistics, promising to become an attractive training industry for manpower in the future.

On the side of VALOMA, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ho Thi Thu Hoa shared about the achievements of VALOMA while highly appreciating the COFER’s role as a core member over the past time, which has contributed a lot to VALOMA’s activities: organizing the Vietnam Logistics Young Talent Contest, the annual activities of the association. VALOMA is committed to accompanying and supporting the university in professional activities so that the university constantly improves its quality and maintains as the flagship brand among the colleges with logistics training.

Mr. Tran Thanh Hai, Deputy Director of the Import and Export Department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (second from left) and Assoc. Prof, Dr. Ho Thi Thu Hoa, Vice President of VALOMA (third from left) at the meeting.

Discussing in the meeting, Mr. Tran Thanh Hai, Honorary President of VALOMA, commended the university for taking the initiative and anticipating the trend of logistics training very early. The university has also been sensitive in transforming its training model closer to the world standard through the integration of international certificates. The association hopes that the university – as an active member of VALOMA – will continue to affirm its pioneering and leading role in logistics training at the college level through deeper and broader participation in professional activities specialized in logistics, chaired by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the association, such as: contributing ideas to the logistics service development strategy until 2035, participating as members of specialized units of the association. Thereby, the university will have more opportunities and conditions to update information about the development trend of the industry in the country and the world. This is a practical activity to support the university, and also a responsibility to contribute to the logistics community of society.

At the end of the meeting, Assoc. Prof, Dr. Nguyen Duc Minh would like to thank the Vietnam Association of Logistics Manpower Development and the Import and Export Department for their interest in coming to work and sharing useful information. The university commits to participate more deeply and responsibly in activities launched by VALOMA and the Import and Export Department as well as proposing that the association and the department continue to pay attention to and support the university in training work, organizing seminars and professional conferences in order for the university to enhance its capability in teaching and training logistics.

The delegation took a photo with the leaders of the College of Foreign Economic Relations.

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